What is a blogger?

What is a blogger? | Joseph BurrowsWhen it comes to blogging, I feel like there are 3 types of people in the world:

  1. People who think bloggers are out to destroy the world and are ‘ruining’ writing
  2. People who think that bloggers just bash on their keyboards and get a load of free shit
  3. People who actually know. 

Whilst most of us love blogging and enjoy it, it’s certainly not an easy hobby to have – especially if you plan on doing it well. That’s why it bloody sucks when we get people saying things like ‘oh well I’m going to start blogging because it’s easy and I want free stuff’.

Like, nah, mate. Sort yourself out.

With so many misconceptions constantly flying about the internet, I thought I’d do everyone a solid and answer the age-old question: ‘what is a blogger?’.

So, what is a blogger?

A blogger is:

  • The ideas person
  • The copywriter
  • The editor
  • Photographer extraordinaire
  • Photoshop wizard
  • Website manager
  • Outreach officer
  • Social Media genius
  • Accountant

As you can see, that’s a pretty hefty list of responsibilities for a hobby.

That’s why people who don’t really know anything about blogging need to think before they speak. But most importantly, that long list of responsibilities is why we need to know our own value and self-worth as bloggers.

If you think you’re worthy of that great opportunity, than you put yourself forward for it. Think you deserve to get paid, or you’re worried about looking greedy when doing a collaboration with a brand? Look at that list and remind yourself just how much you actually do, and just how much you are worth to them (the answer is a lot).

Being a blogger is fun. It gives you the opportunity to meet amazing people, get creative, and express yourself. But blogging can be tiring, and it takes a whole lot of effort. And that’s what everybody needs to remember.

  • LOVE this post. Nothing irritates me more than people assuming blogging is easy/for free stuff. People are forever saying to me “so companies just give you stuff for free/pay you to write a post”? And then I have to explain, for the 1000th time, why it isn’t free stuff; why I deserve it, and deserve to be paid! I think it’s definitely true that bloggers don’t realise their own self-worth; we work damn hard for our hobby! x http://www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

    • Yes! Self-worth is so important, and we definitely need to value ourselves more!

      Joe x

  • Yes to all of this! I actually got my first job (part time) through social media, so it’s definitely a big skill. Love the flatlay by the way! x


    • Aww thanks for the photo compliment – I’m trying to learn from Rhi, haha!
      And yes!! I wouldn’t be where I am without my blog, so here’s to us!

      Joe x

  • I loved this post! I’ve had so many “nah, mate. Sort yourself out” moments recently, because people seems to claim blogging it super easy, although they have 0 experience x


    • It’s just infuriating, isn’t it? We’ve just got to keep on going!

      Joe x

  • Couldn’t have said it any better Joe, good job! X

    Hollie | ItsHollieAnn.com

  • This is soooo on point, oh my goodness…