Life doesn’t have to be so big

Life doesn't have to be so big | Joseph BurrowsSomething’s been annoying me recently. Like a tiny voice in the back of my head which won’t be quiet until I sit down and write this post. I’ve been thinking about life a lot; mainly the things I enjoy and what makes me happy, and my relationship with expectation.

Life is so personal and individual to everyone, yet I feel like I’m always judged on how I choose to spend my time. It’s like I’m expected to want and do more. Almost as if the life I lead isn’t big or grand enough.

In my mind, I think how I spend my life is pretty normal. I’ll go the pub with my friends. I spend all day watching Netflix if I can. Basically, if it’s relaxing, I love it.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t love to live, as well. I’ll go to huge festivals, and I’d spend every night at a gig if I could. I guess the best way to describe it would be to say that I’m way more likely to go to the pub and then be in bed for 10pm, rather than dancing in a club until 3am. Y’know what I mean?

So if I’m happy with how I do things, why isn’t that enough?

I feel like we live in a world where there’s so much pressure on everything. We’re all expected to be healthy, happy, and hyperactive and I’m fed up with it.

To put it plainly, life doesn’t have to be so big all the time.

Days in bed. Little walks in the park. Sitting with a book. All these small, simple moments are part of what make up life, and they all deserve to be celebrated. You don’t always have to be out clubbing, or spend every waking moment doing big adventures. Of course you can if you want, but you shouldn’t be expected to!

So what am I going to do? I’m going to spend the day on my latest game. I’m going to watch an entire season of Drag Race in a day. And I’m going to love every second of it. You know why? Because a small and simple life is a great one too.

Do you agree with me? What are your favourite little moments in life? Let me know in the comments!

  • Abigail Huggan

    I totally understand this. There seems to be the expectation that all young people go out all day and all night and if you don’t you’re weird. I much prefer staying in watching Netflix or reading a good book. I’ve definitely been learning recently that life doesn’t need to be big, it’s just about doing what makes you happy and if clubbing makes you happy then that’s fine but it staying at home makes you happy then that’s fine too. Nobody should feel like they can’t do the things that make them happy because it wouldn’t make someone else happy.


  • Great post – I love this. Can totally relate as a 26 year old who would rather be at home on a Fri night with a good book and a cup of tea than out at some nightclub till 3am! I often feel judged – I have even had friends ask why I don’t spend my weekends out, getting drunk in some club – but I think we’re only here once. I’m going to enjoy my life, my way!

  • Yasmin Rebecca

    So true and I’m so guilty of this. I am a person that bounces off the walls and I don’t even do things because I feel the need to impress other people, I just can’t.sit.still. But there is definitely a pressure to be doing cool, instagram-worthy things all the time and sometimes you do just need to take yourself to the pub or sit on the sofa with your mates and calm the f down haha! this post has definitely made me feel better about those cheeky lazy days where I feel like im ‘wasting a day’ because im not – im just catching up on all that relaxing I’ve missed! x

    Yasmin x
    The Sweet Seven Five

  • This is such a nice post, and I completely agree with you! Society wants us all to constantly be on parade with out next great thing, and it can be exhausting. I’m definitely one for the small joys in life, and I’m glad to hear you are too!

  • I totally agree. Life is ours, to do what we want. I love a good day laying on my bed watching tv shows or films. I love soending hours on social media. I also love sitting out in a beer garden chatting with friends. Plus i do love a good clubbing night. I think all of it is a good balance. Whatever we do or how we do it ultimately happiness is the answer and if gaming makes you happy, or drinking coffee all day or sitting at home doing nothing but Netflix is for you, then who cares what anyone else out there thinks 🙂

  • Beccah

    I completely agree with this! Life is such a personal thing. It’s okay to be doing things, staying out all night, travelling, but it’s also okay to take things at a more relaxed pace if that’s what we want. We should do what makes us happy!

    Beccah xx

  • Jen

    People think it is bad to be satisfied with your life when it doesn’t involve massive ‘adventures’, yet logically relaxation, indulgence and pizza exist for a reason. It is some cultural fashion of perpetual mass dissatisfaction that is sucking the little joys out of our daily routine (it is no wonder hygge culture is so popular), maybe I am being a tad dramatic but I too am fed up with taking time for yourself being seen as “nothing”. I’m with the Italians ‘La dolce far niente’, plotting a day of gaming and drag race as I type; thinking I will stay in bed with crisp new sheets and nice coffee and it will be the most marvellous day of the week! Lovely post 🙂

    Jen x

  • RoisinsLatest

    Love this blog post! I feel exactly the same way most of the time – give me a good day in with family and friends or even on my own than clubbing and stuff! 🙂

  • I loved this post Joe, couldn’t agree more! It’s those small things that keep us sane and happy!

  • I agree with this on so many levels. I feel like we’re taught from very young ages to want to do big things, no one taught us to do what we want to do. So when we do, we feel bad and unproductive.

  • Completely agree – I feel there’s so much focus on BEING places and being seen at places, but it’s just not needed.
    Life’s more about those little moments like you say – days at the park, reading.

    I’d much rather sit and have a cup of tea and a catchup than get dressed up and go out for drinks in a noisy bar!


  • I love this post, I couldn’t agree more!

    Social media is so good at making you second guess the things that you do and that make you happy, in reality those things are all that matter 🙂