Instagram has given me trust issues

Instagram has made me suspicious of everyone | Northern BloodI feel like I probably spend about 20% of my day scrolling through Instagram. Is that too much? Most definitely. Do I have a problem with that? Naaaah.

Pretty photos, insane wanderlust and delicious food – Instagram is like a magic portal which can transport you to a happier life. A life where you’re sunning it up in the Maldives and have that super cool apartment with the exposed brick walls. Because I’m not asking for much, right?

BUT, there’s a problem. And it’s ruining my Instagram love-affair.

I’ve become permanently suspicious of pretty much everyone on Instagram.

These days it is so easy to fake it until you make it. You can buy a 1000 followers for £5, and have bots run your account for you. It’s cheap, it’s accessible, and it’s goddamn tempting. The world is driven by ‘influencers’, so who wouldn’t want a quick and easy boost on the competition? But that doesn’t mean you should cut corners.

When I look at Instagram I want to see something which inspires me and drives me. I want to see something genuine. What I don’t want to see someone buying 50k followers so they can get a false boost in the community. And the worst thing about it? How terribly people do it. You’ve got 25k followers but you barely scrape 200 likes per photo? Sure, Jan.

But unfortunately it’s not always that obvious. Someone I follow recently got a boost of a few hundred followers in a couple of days. At first, I was amazed and thought to myself ‘wow, I need to do more of what they’re doing’, only to discover they had suddenly been followed by hundreds of private accounts. I was disappointed, and now I can’t see their feed the same way. By buying a following they’ve just ruined their credibility and made people doubt them. Is it really worth it?

From people following me multiple times in 12 hours, to commenting with the oh so genuine ‘Awesome’, I’m sick of people cheating the system. I work damn-hard on producing a fiiiine Instagram account – why can’t people just do the same?

If you want to rock Instagram then work at it like everyone else. Take some pretty photos. Make sure the quality is actually good. Post more than once every 2 months. Actually engage with people and like their damn photos. Maybe then I’ll be able to trust Instagram again.

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  • Someone once pointed out to me how you could tell how many of the people you follow are using bots – and it SO disappointed me, as lots of people I had never expected were! It made me doubt everytime I got a like from one of them on one of my photos 🙁

    Nicola //

  • Abigail Huggan

    I hate the idea of buying followers, it’s just so fake and I don’t know why you would want to just to make yourself seem more popular. I also hate when you get comments from bots, it doesn’t mean much when it’s not a particularly genuine comment or when you get tagged in posts to buy followers or get followed by accounts that just sell followers, it’s just like no thanks

    Abbie •

    • It’s just SO lazy of people! They’re meant to be influencers, how can they influence if there’s not life or personality behind any of it!?


  • Fred Hernandez

    I totally feel you, man. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight when most ROI’s and KPI’s are determined by metrics, regardless of how those metrics came to be. Fortunately, though, I think the pie’s big enough for everyone to have a piece, even bots.

  • AboutKari (Karolina)

    I don’t get the like-for-like or sub-for-sub, let alone paying money for a few numbers under one of my pictures. That’s why have my account on privet. You want to follow me?Fine. But only if you have an active account and you don’t seem shady.
    Do people really feel happier knowing that most of the likes and follows are fake?

    • I guess people do it because they want something more in the end, like brand collaborations and payment. But it can’t feel good knowing you got there by cheating!
      Sounds like you have a good plan there!


  • I think Instagram has gone downhill quite quickly, recently. I’m definitely losing interest in it. I’m not at all interested in all of this like-for-like, follow-for-follow crap. And buying followers? So fake! I may only have a relatively small following – but I’d rather see that grow slowly with real followers who are actually interested in me and my content than buy a load! I think this post is something many of us can relate to at the moment – as I’ve seen so many people moaning about IG of late! x x

    • You’re right, Instagram is definitely the platform people complain the most about at the moment! I love Instagram so I really hope it sorts itself out.

      Joe x

  • Ah Instagram. My new least favourite thing is when bot companies go and like someone’s photo excessively, then dm them offering their services for fake likes. Ugh it’s all just a bit frustrating really because I’ve always loved the genuine side to instagram, and the inspiring photos but the obsession with numbers (even when it’s fake) kind of ruins it all a bit. Love your feed by the way, it’s one of the best I follow! x

    • I can’t believe this is a thing!

      I’d never heard of it until I read your comment (sorry I’m so late responding!) and then an account went through and did it to Rhianna! It’s terrible because it’s damaging the credibility of people who are actually genuine!


  • Jess △⃒⃘ ⚯͛

    Ahhh, Instagram. I remember when just taking photos and applying an awful filter (which at the time made you feel like a professional photographer) was enough, now it really does seem people are always focusing on numbers. What happened to just enjoying taking photos and sharing the love on peoples accounts you genuinely like?! 🙁 Had so many bots recently and it’s so tire-some!

    • I’m hoping that now Instagram is starting to shut down the bot companies we’ll get some of that genuineness back!

      It’s difficult because I used to be totally like you say – taking terrible photos with my friends with awful filters on. I love how pretty Instagram is now and the effort people put in, but it definitely comes with its pressures!

      Joe x

  • Yasmin Rebecca

    Eurgh I agree so much with this. I’m scared instagram is going to die because it’s getting to be so fake, but It’s by far my favourite social media platform so I hope it doesn’t!

    Yasmin x

    The Sweet Seven Five

    • They seem to have made a lot of changes against bots in the last week, so fingers crossed Instagram has saved itself!

      Joe x

  • It’s really appalling about how those bot companies crawl–now, I’m in a panic whether some of those following my account or liking my posts are bots…